Why choose just one island?

The Seychelles - unmatched beauty and tranquility, but so much to choose from in terms of hotels and islands. Which islands you visit and where you stay will have a real impact on the feel of your holiday - so why not let us create a tailor-made island hopping itinerary for you?

No two islands are the same, each possessing its own attractions, characteristics and ambience. From the main island of Mahé with its rugged high mountains, quiet white sand beaches, home to the bustling capital of Victoria - to the the absolute peace and tranquility of Denis or Bird Island, with their un-crowded beaches and diamond blue clear seas. An island hopping holiday allows you to take in the best of all worlds!

Island Hopping & Tailor-Made Holidays 

"Island Hopping" is a great way to discover the islands and maximise your enjoyment of the Seychelles - and it couldn't be easier. 

  • Our concierge service will take care of you and your luggage between your islands and hotels.
  • You will be collected from your hotel and transferred to your next island by our experienced team in Seychelles
  • We also provide a private transfer service. 
  • You might like to consider helicopter transfers - an exciting way of seeing the Seychelles from the air as you transfer.

Here's how...

If you think a multi-hotel or multi-island holiday might be the thing for you, here's how:

Use our interactive island map...

Our interactive island map (below) allows you to get a feel for each of the islands and the different geography and ambiance each one offers - or
If you would like some assistance, then by all means talk to us. We know the islands intimately and can guide you..

...check our example itineraries further down the page...

Our three example itineraries (below) will give you a feel for the tailor-made options and perhaps whet your appetite - although of course your itinerary will be tailor-made to your particular interests and budget.

...browse and shortlist...

This website contains a wealth of information about all of the islands, as well as details of all of our carefully vetted accommodation options. Once you've decided which islands you want to visit, why not browse our accommodation pages and make a shortlist of hotels & villas you're considering. You can then send us the list via our enquiry form, complete with how many nights you're considering in each - so that we can get back to you promptly with a quotation.

...or just give us a call!

Or, if you're not sure about where you'd like to stay and would like some advice from our extremely experienced (but not pushy) Seychelles Travel advisors, just request a Call Back, call us on 01202 877330 or pop us an email or join in with Live Chat.

We personally vet all of our accommodation options and can offer insights on where to stay and what to plan to see and do, to ensure you get the most from your tailor made holiday.

Island Hopping suggestions from Seychelles Travel

A selection of the finest hotels, tailored to give you the ultimate experience of the Seychelles. See our 2, 3 & 4 island itinerary starter suggestions below. The choice is almost endless so if you want a completely tailored experience get in touch with our team.
We are Passionate About Seychelles!!

Mahé & Praslin Island Hopping

Example: 2 Islands, staying for 10 nights, Island Hopping with International flights included.

  • 5 nights Ocean Jewels, Praslin Island, Self-catering accommodation basis.
  • 5 nights Anse Soleil Beachcomber, Mahé Island, Bed & Breakfast accommodation basis.
  • Includes UK return International flights, Seychelles transfers and Mahé/Praslin/Mahé Cat Coco ferry.
  • prices start from £1354 per person based on 2 adults sharing, Request a fixed price quote. 

About this 2 island itinerary...

  • On arrival in Seychelles, Mahé Island, you will be met by our concierge team who will escort you to your transport for the 20 minute transfer to Anse Soleil Beachcomber Hotel for a 6 night night stay.
  • After your stay at Anse Soleil, our concierge team will collect you and transfer you to the Inter Island Ferry Terminal for a 60 minute boat transfer or a light aircraft 15 minute transfers to Praslin Island.
  • On arrival in Praslin, our concierge team will be there to meet you and escort you to awaiting transport for a short 5 minute drive to Ocean Jewels.
  • Following your 6 night stay at Ocean Jewels, our concierge team will collect you for your ferry back to Mahé Island, followed by your check-in at the international desk for the homeward flight. You can vary the nights you spend on each island or hotel - the choice is yours.
  • Take advantage of the low hire car rates at Anse Soleil - a gentle drive around Mahé Island is a day well spent.
  • Alternatively, take a place on one of the island tours with a guide to show you around. Our concierge team will assist.
  • Whilst on Praslin, remember that you can pop over to La Digue Island by ferry for the day - the ox-carts and the beaches are not to be missed!

Design your 2 Island Hopping Itinerary

  • Choose your 2 Islands - the island map below shows the islands.
  • Filter and choose your 2 island hotels from our “Where to Stay “ page.
  • Type of land transfers - Standard seat in coach or Private car. 
  • Inter-island transfers – Sea Ferry (approx 1 hr), Light aircraft (15 minutes) or Helicopter (15 minutes)
  • Contact us by your most convenient method with your ideas. We then come back to you with a quotation and perhaps some further suggestions.

... Another Suggestion

Example: 3 Islands, staying for 13 nights, Island Hopping with International flights included.

  • 5 nights Ephelia Resort, Mahé Island, Half Board in a Junior Suite
  • 3 nights Villa de Cerf, Cerf Island, Half Board basis
  • 5 nights La Reserve Hotel, Praslin, Half Board, Hillside Room.
  • Includes your UK return International flights,Villa de Cerf boat transfers & Mahé/Praslin ferry and all transfers within Seychelles
  • from £2818 per person, Request a fixed price quote

About this 3 island itinerary...

  • This 3 island option shows how easy it is to Mix & Match islands and hotels. The transfers do take a little time, but our organisation is second to none with regards to minimising any waiting around. And in addition to taking the ferry crossing between the islands, there is the alternative option of the light aircraft transfer that provides beautiful aerial views of Seychelles. Have your camera ready!
  • Having arranged island hopping for thousand of clients over the past twenty years, we can help you so much with the planning. So, do please talk to us about your likes and dislikes and between us we shall come up with your ideal holiday programme in Seychelles.

Design your own 3 Island Hopping Itinerary

  • Choose your 3 Islands - the island map below shows the islands.
  • Filter and choose your 3 island hotels from our “Where to Stay “ page.
  • Type of land transfers - Standard Coach or Private limousine.
  • Inter-island transfers – Sea Ferry (approx 1 hr), Light aircraft (15 minutes) or Helicopter (15 minutes)
  • Contact us by your most convenient method with your ideas. We then come back to you with a quotation and perhaps some further suggestions.

and another suggestion...

Example: 4 Islands, staying for 16 nights, Island Hopping with International flights included.

 About a 4 Island itinerary..

  • Here we have included the beautiful Denis Island which remains our most favourite island both for ourselves and with our repeat clients.
  • Chances are that if you travel to Seychelles supported with our knowledgable guidance, you will want to return.
  • Don't forget - you have the freedom to Mix & Match your hotels and islands with Seychelles Travel.

Design your own 4 Island Hopping Itinerary

  • Choose your 4 Islands - the island map below shows the islands.
  • Filter and choose your 4 island hotels from our “Where to Stay “ page.
  • Type of land transfers - Standard Coach or Private limousine.
  • Inter-island transfers – Sea Ferry (approx 1 hr), Light aircraft (15 minutes) or Helicopter (15 minutes)
  • Contact us by your most convenient method with your ideas. We then come back to you with a quotation and perhaps some further suggestions.

Discover the Islands

Mahé Island

With over 65 white sand beaches, Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles with Victoria the charming capital. This verdant granite island enjoys a rich diversity of tropical flora and fauna. Measuring 16 by 4 miles with towering peaks covered with forests, it is an ideal walking and exploring island. Mahé Island is the commercial centre with international banks, supermarkets and small local shops. It was on Mahé that Ian Fleming gained inspiration for his James Bond novel “For Your Eyes Only” at the Hilton Northolme.

Hotels on Mahé

La Digue Island

La Digue, the third largest island, measures 3 x 2 miles and is 4 miles from Praslin. La Digue is famous for the incredible sculptured granite rock formations on Source d’Argent beaches. Ox carts and bicycles are the normal mode of transport, reflecting the general pace of life which is gentle and unhurried. The Union Estate boasts a coconut plantation, copra mill, vanilla plantation and Presidential guest house.

Hotels on La Digue

Praslin Island

Praslin, the second largest island, measuring 6 x 2.1/2 miles, is home to the Unesco Vallée de Mai site and a number of beautiful beaches such as Anse Lazio. Praslin has a wide range of hotels and the only 18 hole championship golf course in Seychelles. Nearby Curieuse Island is home to 250 breeding giant tortoises as well as ideally situated for short ferry trips to La Digue, Cousin and Aride Island.

Hotels on Praslin

Alphonse Island

Located 250 miles from Mahé Island with a 1 hour flight service, Alphonse has a total area of some 4500 acres that includes the island lagoon and surrounding sand flats. A world leading centre for bone-fishing, Alphonse Island is a coral atoll with stunning white sand beaches and a forested interior. The island is protected by a strict conservation programme. Island guests stay in smart beachside bungalows and villas.

Island Retreats

Enchanted Island Resort, Round Island, Mahé

A small island, now known as the Enchanted Island Resort. Located 2 miles from Mahe Island it is located within the Marine National Park. This small island has had an interesting history, in the 1800 ‘s once being a detention centre for sufferers of leprosy. After the 2nd world war it became a popular restaurant owned by the Calais family, where Sunday home cooked barbecues were not to be missed.

Island Retreats

Cerf Island Mahé

Located 2½ miles off the east coast of Mahé, Cerf Island has an area of 325 acres and has a typically granite topography with a range of small hills along the length of the island, laced by small sandy coves and inlets within the Marine National Park. Cerf is a quiet refuge near to Victoria and has attracted various names such as Wilbur Smith and Bill Travis to live there. Cerf Island Resort, L’Habitation and South Point Villas provide accommodation on the island.

Island Retreats

Bird Island

Bird Island is situated 65 miles north of Mahé Island with a wonderful tropical climate. With an area of 250 acres, Bird is a coral cay boasting over 3 miles of soft white sand beaches and home to millions of nesting sooty terns between May and October. It is also an important nesting site for sea turtles. The Island Lodge provides charming bungalow accommodation all year round.

Island Retreats

St. Anne Island

Located 2½ miles off Mahé, St.Anne Island is home to the 5 star Beachcomber Resort, within the Marine National Park. One of the first islands to be inhabited in 1770 by Lazare Picault, St.Anne later become a whaling station and in the 2nd World War a re-fuelling depot for the British navy. With a 800ft high granite peak and forested hills & valleys, the island is a fascinating location for walks and exploration.

Island Retreats

North Island

Located 17 miles north of Mahé Island, North Island has a ground area of 500 acres with four very attractive sandy beaches. The island is of a granite type with peaks and valleys making for an interesting island for walks and exploration. The island is part of a conservation programme protecting the islands flora and fauna. Guests arrive by either helicopter or boat (weather permitting), staying in luxury beachside villas with a butler to look after their every fancy.

Island Retreats

Frégate Island

Frégate Island is 26 miles from Mahé island and is the home to a striking luxury hotel Frégate Island Private. This beautiful granite island of 500 acres has seven beautiful beaches, with Anse Victorin beach recently voted the world’s best. Renowned for its varied bio-diversity and over 2200 giant tortoises the island’s accommodation philosophy is that of sustainability and being at one with nature.

Island Retreats

Denis Island

Denis Island is situated 37 miles north of Mahé, with an area of 350 acres. Denis Island is a coral cay shaped almost like that of a tear-drop. Being a cay, the island has beautiful soft sandy beaches with a densely forested hinterland with walks and cycleways. The Denis Island Lodge accommodates guests within its chalet style bungalows. The island farm produces the majority of the island’s food including vegetables and meat, and fresh fish from the surrounding ocean.

Island Retreats

Aride Island

Known as the finest seabird island in the western Indian Ocean , Aride Island is an essential part of the itinerary for any visitor to Seychelles. Aride hosts one of the most important seabird populations in the Indian Ocean with more breeding species than any other island in Seychelles. The island is managed as a nature reserve by the Island Conservation Society , a UK Registered Charity Aride Island is open to visitors and visits can be arranged by Seychelles Travel.

Curieuse Island

Curieuse island is a small granitic island close to the north coast of Praslin and now part of Curieuse Marine National Park. Home to more than 300 giant tortoises who roam the island at will. The island is notable for its bare red earth with Coco de Mer palms scattered around. The beach is a popular resting place for visitors enjoying a day’s excursion, whilst a volunteer group studies fish, turtle and coral numbers.

Cousin Island

Cousin Island, located 1 mile from Praslin Island is under the auspices of Bird Life International and designated as a Special Reserve. Cousin Island is not only significant for sea birds and endemic land birds but also an important site for Hawksbill Turtles. The Island is the home to the Brush Warbler, the Seychelles Fody, and Seychelles Turtle Dove. The Magpie Robin has recently been introduced. Also found are Audubon's Shearwaters, Bridled Terns, Brown and Black Noddies.

Island Retreats

Silhouette Island

As its name suggests, Silhouette Island, when viewed from Mahé Island, a distance of 12 miles, sits boldly to the northern horizon shaped majestically like a craggy mountain top. Five granite peaks in total form the silhouette, within an area of 5000 acres. The island supports three small villages and two hotels, the Hilton Labriz and the Bell Tortue Lodge. Dramatic walks and pathways criss-cross the island making the location an attractive venue for flora and fauna observers.

Island Retreats

Félicité Island

Félicité Island is a small heavy forested granitic island 4 kilometres east of La Digue island. Up until the 1970s it was a coconut plantation with a population of about 50 people. Six Senses Zil Pasyon Luxury Resort is now located on Félicité, where massive granite rocks and white sand beaches create an air of drama and beauty. Created with the renowned Six Senses flair, the resort is a very personal destination that embraces nature while offering every creature comfort. Its 30 pool villas offer an oasis of serenity encircled by the Indian Ocean.

Island Retreats

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