Why marry in the Seychelles?

Dreaming of getting married abroad? The Seychelles is the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding: balmy climate, golden beaches, blue skies and picturesque romantic sunsets. 

  • Romance & dreams come true -  Seychelles has romance in the air, everywhere. Warm tropical breezes, soft sand beaches, starlit evenings, local charm and a wide range of accommodation to suit your style and budget.
  • Simple and easy - Weddings in the Seychelles are delightfully simple. We look after all the paperwork and documentation and with our discreet support in the background on your wedding day  you simply enjoy and appreciate your special day.
  • Inexpensive - compared with UK wedding prices averaging around £20,000, a Seychelles wedding – and honeymoon – may work out considerably cheaper.
  • Legality Your Seychelles wedding ceremony is an internationally registered legal process. You will return with a formalised legal wedding certificate.
  • Family & Friends If  you want to bring along your nearest and dearest from any part of the world then we can make all the arrangements.

Now to the details...

Choosing your Wedding Hotel

Most hotels in the Seychelles from the smallest guest house to our 6 star private islands offer wedding services.
Click here to filter and select your Wedding Hotel choice from our Accommodation range.

Our Seychelles wedding co-ordinators have a wealth of experience with all our wedding hotels and so if you want a little help and guidance our friendly staff will be more than pleased to help you select the right one for you.

Wedding Ceremony Location

The majority of wedding hotels have selected wedding ceremony locations. These will be either within the gardens and grounds of the hotel or within lounge areas near to the sea. Many hotels can arrange ceremonies on or at the edge of their particular beach. Again, please talk to our wedding consultants who can advise you on specific hotels.

The Wedding Ceremony

Nearly all wedding ceremonies in the Seychelles are civil weddings performed by an official registrar. Religious weddings can be arranged by special request. The wedding ceremony takes approximately 20 minutes and is delightfully simple yet charming and romantic. A witness is required for the wedding ceremony and is normally provided by the hotel or indeed you may have your own witness in attendance.

Your wedding in the Seychelles will be the only one at your hotel on the day. No conveyor belt system, no fuss, just unashamed simplicity against a backdrop of the beautiful Seychelles. Weddings are generally held between 2 pm and 4 pm Mondays to Fridays. There are a few exceptions to this for weddings held on private islands. Our wedding co-ordinators will advise you of any variations.

Wedding Extras

Most weddings we offer are shown with a simple but charming ceremony consisting of the attendance of the registrar, the registrar services, a tropically decorated location and light refreshments. However, a whole range of exciting extras can be added to suit each couple’s requirements. Furthermore we welcome the opportunity to arrange that extra romantic touch such as a pre-wedding party, champagne wedding breakfast, a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach or a delightful sunset cruise.

The Formalities

Wedding Formalities & Documents

Wedding couples are required to have resided in Seychelles for at least 3 days prior to the ceremony.

For UK citizens We require the following documents from both of you, 6 weeks before your wedding date to allow for processing by the Seychelles Civil Status office:

  • A copy of both birth certificates
  • A copy of your previous marriage certificate and Decree Absolute if one or both have been divorced.
  • A copy of a previous Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate if one or both are widowed.
  • A copy of a Deed Poll if one or both parties have changed their name legally.
  • A copy of both passport personal identity pages plus copies of previous 6 stamped pages

Originals of the above MUST be taken with you to the Seychelles

For other nationalities regulations differ. Please contact Seychelles Travel for details.

Marriage Certificate
For UK citizens you will receive your wedding certificate prior to leaving Seychelles.

Seychelles Wedding Gift Vouchers

We offer a Seychelles Wedding Gift Voucher service to all our clients. A very nice way of off-setting the cost of the wedding by financial gifts from family and friends.

Our system is used widely by both family and friends for the benefit of the wedding couple. All gifts when received by Seychelles Travel are acknowledged by return with a formal record retained at our office. All gift contributions should  be received by Seychelles Travel 8 weeks before the couple's departure date.

And to re-assure you, all gift payments for honeymoons lodged with Seychelles Travel are protected by our ATOL licence bond.

Family and Friends & Your Honeymoon

You may wish to consider inviting family and friends to be with you. As a guide, approximately 50% of our wedding couples bring along family and friends to join them for this special occasion. Let Seychelles Travel arrange their international flights, hotel accommodation either in the same hotel or in nearby hotel accommodation. 

Proving to be very popular is for the bride and groom to move on to another island after the wedding to enjoy their Seychelles Honeymoon. Please contact Seychelles Travel for details.

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had, the wedding was perfect and I loved the hotel.  Thanks again for organising this for us, it was the best holiday experience ever, and I really didn't want to come back."


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