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Where are the Seychelles?

An often asked question “Where are the Seychelles” provides a clue to the sheer magic and natural beauty of these idyllic islands. Small and remote, Seychelles islands are virtually un-touched by the modern world.

To locate Seychelles islands, take a line 1000 miles due East from Mombasa and then roughly the same distance due South of the Indian sub-continent and you have arrived, well almost.

Surrounded by clear warm seas of the Indian Ocean and blessed with gentle weather conditions (no hurricanes or cyclones), where both day and night temperature range between 28 to 34C, Seychelles islands are the best kept secret for those wanting a holiday that is a little bit special, a holiday within unique and un-touched natural surroundings, a holiday where one can relax, re-charge the batteries and return home feeling revived and refreshed.

What is the climate like?

The weather in Seychelles is generally warm and humid both night and day.

The islands have an all-year-round tropical climate with day and night temperatures between 26oC and  32oC. Seasons are controlled by trade winds. Seychelles does not experience extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and cyclones.

Mid May/October – South East trades have a cooling effect on the islands with lower humidity, rainfall and temperature. Seas can be a little choppy on south-east facing coasts. Excellent conditions for sailing, windsurfing and walking.

October/November – transition period between the two main weather patterns, weather is normally very calm and still. Ideal conditions for diving.

December/March – North West trades bringing higher humidity and rainfall in spasmodic heavy deluges with an average of 6 hours sunshine per day. The rainfall will vary from island to island. Good period for diving and snorkelling.

April /May – transition period with normally light sea breezes and low rainfall.

How Many Islands?

115 islands in all of which only 16 are inhabited

  • Mahe Island – the main island. Population; 65,000. Size approximately 16km long by 6 km wide. Capital: Victoria.
  • Praslin Island – second largest island, 36km from Mahe .Population 7,100.  Size approximately 10km long by 3.5km wide.
  • La Digue Island – third largest island, 6km from Praslin. Population; 6000. Size approximately 5km long by 3.3km wide

Other islands include:

Sainte Anne Island, Cerf Island, Silhouette Island, Cousine Island, Cousin Island, Round Island Praslin, Round Island Mahe, Aride Island, Curieuse Island, Felicite Island, North Island, Bird Island, Denis Island, Desroches Island, Alphonse Island, St Francois, Farquhar, Aldabra,

Visit our Seychelles Islands pages to find out more about the unique ambiance of each island.

Where to stay and what to see and do?

Visit our Accommodation pages to see some of the sumptuous accommodation available on these beautiful islands, and see our Activities page to find out what there is to see and do.

Did you know? Giant tortoises roam the islands. These amazing creatures can grow up to 1.3m long and live to 200 years.
Esmeralda, on Bird island is thought to be 184 years old!

Esmeralda - Seychelles longest living giant tortoise

         Anse Soleil, Mahe Island

Denis Island - at one with nature

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