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Fishing in the Seychelles

For years the Seychelles has been known as one of the top destinations to target Giant Trevally on the fly and big game fishing. For those seeking that adrenaline rush, we recommend the outer islands such as Denis, Desroches, Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo. These islands are all near continental shelf drop-offs and are home to a diverse range of landscapes and rich populations of sought-after species.

Game fishing is also possible around the inner islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue by chartering a boat for the day. Please contact us or click here to request a quotation.

What fish could we expect to catch?

Milkfish, Bonefish, Barracuda, Indo-Specific Permit, Indo-Specific Sailfish, various species of Triggerfish and the infamous Giant Trevally. 

When is the best time to go?

The Seychelles is an all-year round game fishing destination. For those wishing to fly fish, peak season is October to November and February to April.


The Islands

Alphonse Island

Welcome to the untouched, natural paradise that is Alphonse Island. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean you will find a retreat with white sandy beaches, stylish accommodation and world-class fishing. Considered a fly angler's paradise, the expansive flats around the Alphonse atolls provide the fly fishing of a lifetime. The Alphonse group is one of the most famed saltwater fly fishing destinations in the Indian Ocean and is one of the most prolific Bonefish fisheries in the world. The structure and sheer drop-offs are ideal for attracting a variety of pelagic species that can be caught on the fly as well as conventional trawling methods. Fish such as Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado can be challenged on any given day.

Alphonse Island manages to find the balance between an action-packed fishing adventure and a luxury island escape. Not just for the keen fisherman, Alphonse is also suited to those travelling with wives and/or children. Although fishing is the island's passion, the hotel has so much more to offer; from scuba diving and tennis to the beautiful white beaches and the spa, there is something for everyone.

The Alphonse fishing package is a seven day long itinerary, guided by the most experienced recreational angling team in the Seychelles. Leisure packages are also available. Click here to request a quotation and we will put together a fishing holiday of a lifetime!

Cosmoledo Atoll

What has become known as the 'GT capital of the world', Cosmoledo's pristine and untouched ecosystem boasts vast, wadeable sand flats as well as a wonderful lagoon. The atoll enjoys the reputation of being an explosive saltwater flats fishing experience. The sheer number and variety of fish has amazed the fly fishing world, with anglers from across the globe sampling the ultimate fishing playground!

Cosmoledo Atoll offers eight Eco Pods on Wizard Island, all are custom-designed to blend with the natural surroundings giving a perfect balance between nature and hospitality. 

Seychelles Travel offer this to experienced fly fishermen only, all packages consist of a seven night stay. We recommend single fishermen, father and son trips, or group bookings. Click here to request a quotation.

Astove Atoll

Similar to Cosmoledo, here you will be fishing hard packed flats that offer excellent wading opportunities with plenty of chances at a wide variety of species from which to target.

The single accommodation, the newly renovated Astove Coral House, ensures a unique experience as it only caters for a small number of guests per week.

Seychelles Travel offer this to experienced fly fishermen only, all packages consist of a seven night stay. We recommend single fishermen, father and son trips, or group bookings. Click here to request a quotation.

Desroches Island

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island will make you feel like a castaway who has struck gold. Suitable for both expert fishermen and beginners, Desroches has a huge variety of hard-fighting adversaries that can be caught with a technique of your choice. Desroches Island offers both Big Game Fishing and Fly Fishing.

This private paradise is suitable for large groups and those travelling with wives and/or children. The five-star resort caters to everyone! If a luxury getaway is what you are after (with a couple of day's world-class fishing) then Desroches Island is a perfect match. Click here to request a quotation.

Denis Private Island

Denis Island is a place where you can bathe along beaches renowned all over the world for their pristine beauty, snorkel is a sea turtle sanctuary, spot some of the rarest birds on Earth and go sport-fishing at the edge of a continental drop-off. On Denis Island, you will rediscover a forgotten mode of luxury: one of real food and real people, immersed in nature on one of the most secluded islands in the world.

We can organise a true catch-and-release sport fishing day, with a boat charter to the drop-off, where ocean depths plunge to 2,000km at the edge of the Seychelles plateau: hallowed waters for prized catches of big game. There are also excellent opportunities for bottom-fishing Grouper or Red Snapper, and should your catch meet the conservation requirements, it may be possible to turn your fish over to the chefs to prepare something special!

Denis Private Island is for those looking for discreet luxury and privacy. The island caters to both experienced and novice fishermen. Day charters can be organised on request (click here to request a quotation).


In one week, a group on Astove landed 92 GTs with a staggering 12 measuring over the 100cm mark!






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