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Seychelles holds many treasures for the inquisitive traveller, be it in the cultural aspect, the love of nature, breathtaking scenery or the many beautiful islands begging to be explored.
Here we give you an insight into a range of island excursions provided by our associate company in Seychelles.
You have a choice of pre-booking with Seychelles Travel before you go OR to make your reservation with your concierge after you have arrived and settled in to your accommodation. We have a full detailed range of excursions with prices available, so please request.

  • Discover St Anne Island Marine National Park - full day sailing excursion from Mahé to St.Anne National Marine Park. Semi-submersible glass bottom boat to view the wonderful sea life. BBQ lunch with local music, then on to Moyenne Island to see the giant turtles. Tropical cocktails, cruise back to port.
  • Mahe Island Discovery Tour - full day tour of Mahé, Victoria, the local market, coach drive to Sans Souci, panoramic views from Mission Lodge. Creole buffet lunch, Spice and Herb gardens, local artisan craft village.
  • Peaks of Paradise - full day tour with walk trail for approximately 2 hours, ending up at Anse Major Bay. Leisurely cruise to Baie Ternay Marine Park, BBQ lunch and a swim or snorkel. Cruise back to Victoria.
  • Island Combo Tour - full day tour of Praslin & La Digue Islands, UNESCO Vallée de Mai, Coco de Mer. BBQ lunch at Anse Lazio. La Digue, Anse Source d'Argent. 
  • Vallée de Mai Tour - half day tour Praslin Island, UNESCO site to experience this strange tropical world, formerly discovered by General Gordon who named it the original Garden of Eden.
  • Praslin Discovery - full day tour Praslin Island, Vallée de Mai tour, Anse Lazio, voted in the top 5 beaches of the world.
  • 3 Island Explorer - Sailing adventure from Praslin as you island hop between Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre islands. Cousin Island, nature reserve with Seychelles rarest birds and other endemic species. On to Curieuse Island National Marine Park, breeding Giant Tortoises. BBQ on board. Next on to Isle St. Pierre to swim or snorkel in the waters surrounding the island. Contact Seychelles Travel to talk about Island Excursions.

Walk and Explore..

With over 40% of the land mass designated National Parks, Seychelles is a fascinating tropical destination for the walker wanting to explore the local areas on foot. Marked walks will take you through a wonderland of over 250 indigenous plant species, many in remote areas, small local villages where you meet the true local Creole and an opportunity to experience a country that has changed very little over the past millennium.
There are two options for you - make you own way on these walks or join in with a group guided by a local expert. Your Seychelles concierge will have all the details.
Would you prefer to have a guide? As well as group tours, we also provide private tours for clients from 1 day to 7 days.

Thick forest clad mountains on Mahé and Praslin introduces the walker to another world of bygone times when the islands were once part of the super-continent of Gondwana. In these forests are the centuries-old trees and palms that have been saved from destruction by the somewhat difficult terrain. The guided walks on Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Cousin, Aride and Curieuse Island will take you to places unseen by the average traveller to Seychelles.
Below we list just a small selection of guided walking tours accompanied by a qualified guide.

Mahé Island Guided Walks
Val Riche Copolia Trail (approximately 5 hours)
A fairly shady trail, graded as medium, passing through the forests of Morne Seychellois National Park. Here are found endemic flora and fauna such as the world’s smallest frog (Sooglossif gardenan), the Sunbird, Blue Pigeons, Stick insects, Pitcher Plant, Seychelles orchids, palms and Pandanus trees. The granite summit of Copolia, 1500 feet above sea level you will have spectacular views of the capital of Mahe, Victoria, Saint Anne and distant Praslin and La Digue islands.

Mare Aux Cochon Trail (approximately 6 hours)
This trail on Mahe follows the route of the Roman Catholic priests Holy Week Pilgrimage in the early 1900s. The trail meanders through forests of endemic palms and Bois Rouge into a valley that still shows signs of the once-thriving colonial plantation, with mango, green orange, breadfruit, nutmeg and clove trees alongside the fast-growing cinnamon trees within the Morne National Park. Walk by the freshwater marshes on the upper lands which feed the myriad of streams flowing to the west coast with habitats such as damsel fly and dragonfly. On reaching the summit take in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains to the north and west coasts.

Danzilles to Anse Major (approximately 2 hours)
The trail follows part of the rocky coastline of north‐west Mahe and leads to the small secluded beach of Anse Major. Much of this trail lies between the boundaries of Morne Seychellois National Park, with spectacular rock slopes and native vegetation typical of the drier areas of Mahe. The return to Danzilles is by the same route. The trail is graded as EASY. It lies along the contour of the land, with only short ascents and descents. Approximately one and a half hours is required to follow the trail to Anse Major. An early start is recommended as there is relatively little shade. BBQ lunch on the beach of Anse Major.

Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains to the north and west coasts

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