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Acajou Beach Resort, Praslin Island

from £2,296/pp

Acajou Beach Resort lazes amidst colourful tropical gardens of Coconut Palms, Casuarina…

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Alphonse Island

from £7,462/pp

Beautiful white beaches line the edges of the dense natural forest, interspersed…

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Anse Soleil Beachcomber Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,585/pp

Located in the south west coast of Mahé, Anse Soleil Beachcomber is blessed…

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Anse Soleil Beachcomber Self-Catering Chalets, Mahé Island.

from £1,230/pp

Anse Soleil Beachcomber, Self-Catering Chalets, Mahé Island The perfect location…

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Auberge Chez Plume, Anse Boileau, Mahé Island

from £1,253/pp

Auberge Chez Plume - located on the West Coast of Mahé Island,…

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Augerine Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,420/pp

Surrounded by tropical plants and lawned gardens yet only a few steps from the crystal…

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Beau Vallon Bay Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,111/pp

Beau Vallon Bay Hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of fun and exciting…

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Bel Horizon Self-Catering Residence, Mahé Island

from £1,360/pp

This delightful sea facing self-catering estate offers 3 different accommodation…

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Bord Mer Villa, Self-Catering Apartments, Mahé Island

from £1,196/pp

Bord Mer Villa ilocated on the north coast of Mahé Island, less than a minute's…

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Cabanes des Anges, Self-Catering, La Digue Island

from £1,597/pp

Located inland on the island of La Digue yet only 15 minutes from the ferry jetty,…

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Carana Beach Hotel, Mahé Island

from £2,260/pp

Situated at the northern tip of Mahé Island, this casual yet chic boutique…

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Cerf Island Resort, Mahé Island

from £1,703/pp

Cerf Island Resort offers you a personal oasis accompanied by a memorable Creole…

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Chalet d'Anse Forbans, Self-Catering, Mahé Island

from £1,254/pp

Chalets d’Anse Forbans 14 Delightful Sea-facing Chalets in landscaped tropical…

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Chateau St.Cloud, La Digue Island

from £1,614/pp

Chateau St Cloud is located centrally on La Digue Island, approximately 10 to 15…

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Coco de Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites, Praslin Island

from £2,395/pp

Coco de Mer Hotel lies amidst gardens bursting with life; scented frangipani, tropical…

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Cocolux Apartments, Self-Catering, La Digue Island

from £1,622/pp

Cocolux Apartments offers an ideal self-catering accommodation location for…

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Constance Ephélia Resort, Mahé Island

from £2,270/pp

We recommend that Constance Ephélia Resort should be at the top of your list…

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Constance Lemuria Resort, Praslin Island

from £3,265/pp

Constance Lemuria surpasses most expectations when it comes to location. Boasting…

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Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,625/pp

The main attraction of Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel must be its unprecedented…

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Cote d'Or Chalets, Self-Catering Chalets, Praslin Island

from £1,173/pp

Traditional Seychelles architecture combined with modern amenities is the key to…

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Cote d'Or Footprints, Self-Catering, Praslin Island

from £1,563/pp

Cote d'Or Footprints 10 beachfront self-catering luxury chalets are as close to…

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Crown Beach Hotel - Mahé Island

from £1,438/pp

Crown Beach Hotel is a charming 4 star boutique hotel located on the east of Mahé…

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Denis Private Island

from £3,760/pp

A tiny speck in the Indian Ocean ringed by flawless white sand, just 375 acres and…

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Dhevatara Beach Hotel, Praslin

from £1,857/pp

Located on Grande Anse, Praslin's longest beach, Dhevatara Beach Hotel is comprised…

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DoubleTree by Hilton Allamanda Resort & Spa

from £1,452/pp

DoubleTree by Hilton Allamanda Resort & Spa on Mahé Island has…

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Eden Bleu Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,666/pp

Located on Eden Island Marina, the hotel provides chic luxurious rooms with gorgeous…

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Enchanted Island Resort, Mahé

from £3,895/pp

Enchanted Island Resort - Your exclusive hideaway in beautiful Round Island…

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Four Seasons Desroches Island

from £4,320/pp

The exclusive and elegant Four Seasons is the only hotel occupying Desroches Island,…

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Four Seasons Resort, Mahe

from £2,908/pp

Unwind within the exclusive sanctuary of Four Seasons Seychelles to take full…

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Frégate Island Private

from £15,264/pp

Arguably the most beautiful and enchanting of the granite islands in the Seychelles, Frégate…

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Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa, Silhouette Island

from £1,453/pp

The luxurious Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa is located on the stunning…

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Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa, Mahe Island

from £1,528/pp

Located within a stunning hillside location overlooking the ocean towards the distant…

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Hotel L'Archipel, Praslin Island

from £1,529/pp

Hotel L’Archipel enjoys an idyllic private setting with all rooms offering…

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Hotel La Roussette, Mahé

from £1,146/pp

A family owned hotel that has been in operation for many years since the early colonial…

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Indian Ocean Lodge, Praslin Island

from £1,354/pp

Located on the west coast of Praslin, this comfortable and affordable small…

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Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Mahé Island

from £1,431/pp

Our concierge transfer of 25 minutes after leaving Seychelles International…

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L'Habitation Cerf Island Hotel

from £1,288/pp

Located beach front on Cerf Island, just 10 minutes transfer time from Mahé…

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La Belle Tortue, Silhouette Island

from £2,195/pp

La Belle Tortue (the pretty tortoise) is an exclusive lodge nestled alongside a…

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La Digue Island Lodge

from £1,637/pp

Located on the white, sandy beach on the west coast of La Digue, La Digue Isalnd…

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Le Domaine de l'Orangeraie, La Digue

from £1,933/pp

Approximately 50 metres inland from the beautiful beach of Anse Severe on the North…

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Le Domaine de La Réserve, Praslin

from £1,399/pp

Le Domaine de La Réserve Hotel on Praslin Island enjoys a wonderful setting…

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Le Duc de Praslin

from £1,725/pp

Le Duc de Praslin offers the holiday of a lifetime with true Seychellois hospitality…

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Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel, Mahé

from £1,430/pp

Located on the beautiful north western coast of the Beau Vallon Bay.…

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Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel, La Digue Island

from £1,596/pp

Located waterfront at La Passe and only 10 minutes from the arrival jetty Of…

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Le Repaire Hotel, La Digue Island

from £1,435/pp

Le Repaire Hotel is an easy stroll from the islands’ jetty, shops, cafes,…

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Le Surmer, Self Catering, La Digue

from £1,307/pp

Le Surmer has a super location near the beach of Anse Reunion…

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Les Lauriers, Praslin

from £1,803/pp

For over twenty years Les Lauriers has been a family owned and run hotel, giving…

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Les Villas d'Or, Self Catering, Praslin

from £1,522/pp

Laced in a crescent, a few yards from the beach, Les Villas d'Or self-catering chalets…

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Maia Luxury Resort & Spa - All-Inclusive, Mahé Island

from £5,568/pp

Located on the secluded beach of Anse Louis, a taste of paradise 30 Individual Oceanview…

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Mango House Seychelles

Mango House sits deep in the South of Mahé, perched along the oceanfront…

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North Island Seychelles

from £17,646/pp

The size of Monaco, North Island boasts fabulous white sand private beaches…

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Ocean Jewels Resort, Self-Catering, Praslin

from £1,202/pp

Located directly on the beach at Grand Anse, Praslin Island, the self-catering villas…

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Paradise Sun Hotel, Praslin

from £1,743/pp

Paradise Sun is a warm and welcoming hotel tucked away at the quiet end of Cote…

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Pieds dans L'Eau Holiday Apartments, Mahé

from £1,198/pp

'Les Pieds dans L'Eau' -  a family run property on the south east coast of…

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Raffles Praslin Seychelles

from £2,475/pp

Raffles Praslin continues its signature themes with its emphasis on contemporary…

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Savoy Resort and Spa, Mahé

from £1,630/pp

Situated on the famous Beau Vallon Beach, the Savoy Resort & Spa offers so much…

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Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Félicité Island, Seychelles

from £6,373/pp

Zil Pasyon is located on the 650 acre private island of Félicitié,…

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STORY Seychelles, Mahé Island

from £1,766/pp

Architecturally beautiful, STORY Seychelles has brought sophisticated elegance to…

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Sun Resort Hotel, Mahé Island

from £1,066/pp

Nestled amongst pretty tropical gardens, Sun Resort Hotel is managed and run by…

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Villa Charme de Lile, Self-Catering Apartments, La Digue

from £1,396/pp

Villa Charme de l'Ile - Just a few paces from the La Digue jetty, with a modern…

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Villa Creole, Self-Catering, La Digue

from £1,340/pp

Alongside the road at Anse Reunion and a few minutes walk from Source d'Argent,…

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Seychelles Discovery Cruises - Yacht Charter - Bare Boat Charter

from £1,258/pp

Discover our Seychelles Cruise itineraries & Sailing Yacht Charters

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