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Our Opinion...the Sultanate of Oman beholds an architectural heritage spanning 5000 years and remains to this day devoted to its traditions and culture. A great deal of effort has been committed into preserving its’ traditional arts, crafts, music and dance.  

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Muscat, the capital of Oman, enchants travellers with its unpretentious and relaxed way of living. Flanked by towering mountains and encapsulated by old city walls this ancient port area is home to the Sultan of Oman’s primary palace, with intriguing 16th century forts, merchant houses and a colourful souks the city is fascinating to explore.

With a coastline of 1700km, Oman offers vast stretches of prostine beach and idyllic warm waters. Marine wildlife is plentiful with 22 species of whale and dolphin.

Ruwi presents the capitals modern commercial district. The Batinah Coast, Oman’s northern coast, is peppered with intriguing towns baring impressive forts and traditional local architecture. A popular attraction is the oasis city of Nizwa, set against a backdrop of high mountains it is the medieval and cultural centre of Oman. There is also an remarkable 17th century fort built by Sultan bin Saif, a colourful vibrant souk and a Friday market of immense local popularity.

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Oman offers vast stretches of pristine beach and idyllic warm waters

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