More than just beaches...

The Seychelles offer warm clear water and soft golden sand... but also plenty to keep even the most enthusiastic and active of us busy. There's something to suit most tastes in this island paradise.

Island Hopping

No two islands are the same, each possessing its own characteristics and ambience - we do encourage "Island Hopping" to maximise your enjoyment of the beautiful Seychelles.
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Exploring Seychelles 

With over 40% of the land mass designated National Parks, Seychelles is a fascinating tropical destination for both the casual stroller and the serious walker with over 250 indigenous plant species, many in remote areas, only accessible by foot. We provide specialist walking tours which run throughout the year.
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Seychelles Discovery Cruises & Yachting

Keen to get out on the water and discover the Seychelles?  Then why not holiday in the Seychelles via one of our 3 cruise programmes or one of our Yacht Charters or a Stay 'n' Sail holiday? Alternatively add yachting to your holiday as a day's activity.
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 Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

With a gentle weather system and a wealth of locations, the Seychelles provides excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities for everyone from novices to experienced divers. Don't miss the chance to see a vast array of fish species from the tiniest of clownfish to magnificent whale sharks. Seychelles is an absolute treasure chest of colourful marine life, coral formations and underwater features. Talk to the experts at Seychelles Travel.
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Fly, Bone or Big Game Fishing

Seychelles offer great game fishing for Sailfish, Yellow Fin, Wahoo (King Fish), Barracuda, Dorado, Blue Marlin and Bonito. Choose either a half or full day charter or consider a live-aboard charter for up to seven days.
Our fly and bone fishing islands of Alphonse, Desroches and D'Arros provide the serious fisher with top drawer entertainment.
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Flora & Fauna

The Seychelles is home to a wealth of plant and animal species, many of which are unique to the islands. From the Coco de Mer Palm tree with the world's largest nut to the giant tortoises that are on most islands, you can experience it all with guided tours around the main islands, escorted by local experts.
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Golfing in the Seychelles centres around the Lemuria Resort Golf Course on Praslin Island - a spectacular course which borders onto three of the island's beaches. The first 12 holes are on the lower levels, fringed with palm trees and from the 13th the course extends up to the higher levels with breathtaking views over the ocean.
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Looking for a holiday with variety? Activities from sailing to scuba diving, birding to big game fishing, cycling to exploring and more besides..
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Diving & Snorkelling in the Seychelles

Bare boat or crewed yacht cruises

Sooty Terns on Bird Island west beach

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Venus Fly Trap or Pitcher Plant on Mahé Island

Fly & Bone Fishing

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